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Sleep Experts Warranty Information

Sometimes, even the highest quality products can show early signs of wear or have an unforeseen defect. At Sleep Experts®, we stand by our commitment to help you get your best night’s sleep. If something goes wrong with a product you purchased from us, we’re here to help guide you through the warranty process.

It is important to know that your mattress warranty may be covered by the manufacturer directly, and the process may differ depending on the product type and brand.

So, How Do I Get Started?

There are two options for filing a claim:

If your product is from one of the manufacturers listed in the table below, you’ll need to have an invoice, and contact them directly.

If your product is NOT from one of the manufacturers listed in the table below, Sleep Experts® will file the claim on your behalf via the paid or free version under the “Get Started” button below.

1. Manufacturers Who Handle Their Own Warranties

To start, it’s important to know the brand of your product because the manufacturer is solely responsible for warranty fulfillment. You can identify the manufacturer name by referencing the law tag attached to your mattress or by reviewing your invoice. Sleep Experts® helps you by facilitating the warranty claim process, but we are ultimately bound to the requirements set forth by the manufacturer.

  • Classic (Accessory Items): (877) 707-7533
  • Legget & Platt: (800) 888-3078
  • Malouf: (800) 517-7179
  • Mantua: (800) 333-8333
  • Pacific Coast Feather Company: (888) 297-1778
  • Protect-A-Bed®: (866) 886-2788
  • PureCare: (800) 758-8563
  • Tempur-Pedic®: (800) 821-6621

2. Can Sleep Experts® File the Claim for Me?

We’d be happy to help! If your brand isn’t listed above, your product will need to be inspected to file a claim. There are two inspection options to choose from:

Warranty eClaim (FREE)

Results in 5 - 10 Business Days

It's the fastest, easiest way to file a warranty claim. Sign into the portal and simply answer a few quick questions, download and print a measuring device, and upload some pics of your product(s). The entire process shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, and if you are able to provide enough information, we will bypass the formal inspection process.

Third-Party Inspection ($79.99)

Results in 2 - 3 Weeks

Schedule an appointment for a third-party inspector to visit your home for $79.99. We respond to inquiries within 5 business days, and appointment calls are usually received within 3-4 days thereafter. This is a perfect option for those with limited time and resources, or without a personal device to capture and upload photos to our website.

(Please note that you will be redirected to Mattress Firm’s website)

We are dedicated to resolving your warranty needs and will respond to submissions within 5 business days. The Sleep Experts® Warranty Claim Center is closed on Sundays but will respond to all requests from Saturday and Sunday by close-of-business the following Monday.

Please note: The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any transportation and/or service costs associated with the warranty process. The warranty only covers replacement of the defective piece(s).